Weight and Bulk is a new system implemented by SWAT: Elite Force starting in version 4. At the bottom of the equipment panel, there are two bars, aptly titled Weight and Bulk. Different equipment has different effects on the two meters. Additional magazines adds to the weight and bulk.

Weight Edit

Weight (measured in kilograms) is a measure of how heavy your equipment is. Your movement speed is entirely determined by weight. Since weight may frequently shift (either by firing rounds or using equipment), it is displayed ingame on the heads-up-display.

Speed Changes Edit

Differences in weight affect speed on a linear scale.

Amount Forward Speed Modifier Closest TSS Comparison
Minimum 5kg 260 ups 130% No Armor (225ups)
Maximum 35kg 140 ups 70% Heavy Armor (150ups)
Midpoint 20kg 200 ups 100% Light Armor (200ups)

Bulk Edit

Bulk is a measure of how large your equipment is. Bulk is measured internally as units of surface area, but displayed ingame as a percentage to better show the differences to the player. Since it is not as frequently changed as weight (magazines don't reduce bulk as they're used up, but shotgun, taser and grenade rounds do), it is not shown on the heads-up-display.

Affected Actions Edit

Bulk affects a number of different interactions. The following is an exhaustive list of what bulk affects:

  • Bomb defusing
  • Lockpicking
  • Locking doors
  • Wedging doors
  • Applying C2
  • Removing C2
  • Removing wedges

It does not however affect arresting speed.

Speed Changes Edit

Like weight, bulk adjusts the speed on a linear scale.

Amount Modifier Bomb Defusal Wedge Remove C2 Remove Lockpicking C2 Place Wedge Place
Minimum 8 units 2x fast 2.5 seconds 0.5 seconds 1 second 5 seconds 1.5 seconds 0.6835 seconds
Maximum 100 units 2x slow 10 seconds 2 seconds 4 seconds 20 seconds 6 seconds 2.734 seconds
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