Victory Imports Auto Center is the fifth mission in SWAT 4 as well as in SWAT: Elite Force. The SWAT team is tasked with the objective of dealing with failed car theft in Victory Imports Auto Center and rescuing the mechanic who has dialed 911 when he saw the suspect attempting to steal a car.

Introduction Edit

Victory briefing
Victory call

Here's what we've got. We are needed for rapid deployment at 29th and Arlington, the Victory Imports Auto Center. Looks like a botched vehicle theft has turned into a barricaded situation.

32 Adam, responding to a 911 call, interrupted two individuals in the process of stealing a car. Upon being ordered to surrender, they fired upon the officers and retreated into the main building. Precise numbers are unknown, but patrol reports seeing at least four individuals, all male. They’re armed, and we believe some of them have machine guns. In addition, they have a hostage in there with them: Gary Altman. Altman is a mechanic for Victory Imports, and was apparently working late. He’s the one who placed the initial 911 call, which was cut off short. Further attempts to contact him have failed.

We don’t have a positive ID on the suspects at this time. Patrol reports seeing young men, late teens to early twenties, light skinned, wearing street clothes; jeans and shirts—but we don’t have sufficient evidence to confirm any specifics. As far as M.O. goes, this particular theft is a new one. No local garages have reported similar raids. Looks like we get to nip this one in the bud.

Patrol attempted to call them out, and got no response other than scattered gunfire. However, once the negotiators contacted them, they were more willing to talk. They’ve requested food and body armor; both requests have been denied since they’re either unwilling or unable to free Altman. At 0330, the suspects issued an ultimatum demanding to be allowed to go free. Further communications with the suspects have gotten shorter and more strident. Negotiations are at an impasse, and they’re concerned for Altman’s safety, since it looks like the suspects are getting desperate. Time for us to end the standoff.

Entry and Snipers Edit

The auto center offers 2 entry points.

(to be done...)

Due to vast basement area and not many windows on first floor there's no sniper support in this mission.

Background Edit

As the name suggests this building is an car workshop with two floors plus roof. The ground floor of Victory Imports is designed for office and shop. In front of the main entrance is a cash desk and waiting room with vending machines and arcade games where customers could wait for their repaired cars as well as buy some engine oils, oil filters, gasoline and other items importatnt for cars. On this floor there are two offices and break room with kitchen appliances and sofas so mechanics and other employees could eat and rest there during breaks. There are also stairs that lead to the garages and to the roof. The lower floor consits mainly of workshops, garages as well as parking spaces and it has two entrances - both of them are driveways from the street. There are three workshops in total and all of them are filled with appliances and tools needed to repair cars such as wrenches, tires and batteries. In the underground parking there are several cars that are either ready or waiting for reparation. Apart from the parking and workshops in the lower level is another small office that is connected to small toilet and storage place filled with items related to the car reparation.

Tactical Approach Edit

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Elite Force Changes Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • One of the arcade games in the waiting room is "SWAT: Urban Justice", the original sequel to SWAT 3, before being cancelled and becoming SWAT 4.

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Soundtrack Edit

Victory Imports Auto Center - Ambience (Basement):
Victory Imports Auto Center - Ambience (First Floor):
Victory Imports Auto Center - Dynamic 1:
Victory Imports Auto Center - Dynamic 2:
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