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The UMP Submachine Gun is a powerful yet lightweight submachine gun that was first introduced under the name ".45 SMG" in SWAT 4. Designed as Heckler & Koch's successor to the MP5 line of submachine guns, it retains the 30-round magazine but bolsters the 9x19mm round to a .45 ACP, capable of punching through armor.

In-Game Description[]

The .45 caliber submachinegun is comparable to the 9mm SMG in almost every way.  Built largely of glass-fiber reinforced polymers, this lightweight sub-machine gun provides the same reliability as the 9mm model, but with the added punch of the larger .45 caliber round.  The heavy bullet provides superior penetration of armored targets with FMJ rounds compared to its 9mm brethren, despite having a lower muzzle velocity and slower cyclical rate of fire.  This model is equipped with a fire mode selector allowing semi-automatic and fully automatic firing modes.


Compared to the MP5A4 SMG, it is lighter, but has a larger magazine (which actually makes it heavier). The bulky .45 bullet in a light frame makes recoil difficult to control, however this is mitigated with the vertical foregrip. In vanilla games, the weapon has Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic firing. In SWAT: Elite Force, the weapon gains a 2-round burst firing mode to match its real-world counterpart. It is equipped with a tactical flashlight.

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