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Welcome to the SWAT 4 Wiki. Here you will find information about SWAT 4, its expansion, The Stetchkov Syndicate, and the popular modification, SWAT: Elite Force. The wiki offers vital information on various topics and subjects of discussion such as in-game missions, equipment and game mechanics.

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SWAT 4[]

SWAT 4 is a tactical shooter released in 2005 by Irrational Games. As a sequel to SWAT 3, its goal remains the same: You are the leader of a SWAT entry team, and it is your mission to bring order to chaos, rescue all of the civilians and other various objectives. In 2017 the game went digital and released on GOG.com.

In 2006, an expansion pack, The Stetchkov Syndicate was released. It doubled the player limit of co-op mode as well as seperated every 5 players into either blue or red team with a team leader(the leader is chosen randomly or by voting before starting the match). In PvP, some weapons are now locked to SWAT or Suspect team. It also added lightsticks, seven new pieces of equipment, seven new missions, and added voice-over IP.

SWAT: Elite Force is a user-created modification for The Stetchkov Syndicate expansion pack. It was officially promoted by GOG.com after releasing the game DRM-free, and features a number of convenience, realism, and cut features from the game, such as traps, a speech command interface, and equipment. After two years, Version 7 was released in 2020 with a massive amount of changes.

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SWAT 4 Gameplay Mechanics
Vanilla Combat Rules of Lethal Engagement - Bullet Types - Shotgun Ammo Types - Projectile Penetration - Off Map Support
AI Command Interface - Archetypes - Morale
Character Status Character Damage Model - Incapacitation
Game Difficulties Mission Score - Mission Difficulty
Multiplayer How to Run Multiplayer - Multiplayer Game Modes
SEF Combat Projectile Ricochet - Armor Shredding - Traps
AI Personalities
Character Status Cardiac arrest - Weight and Bulk
SWAT 4 Weapons
SWAT 4 Assault Rifles Colt M4A1 Carbine - AKM Assault Rifle - G36C Assault Rifle
Less Lethal Less Lethal Nova - Pepper-ball Gun - Taser Stun Gun
Pistols Colt Python - Colt M1911 (VIP Colt M1911) - Glock 17
Shotguns Benelli Nova - Benelli M4 Super 90
Submachine Guns MP5A4 SMG (Suppressed MP5A4 SMG) - UMP SMG - Suppressed Uzi
TSS Grenade Launchers HK69 Grenade Launcher
Less Lethal Cobra Stun Gun
Light Machine Guns M249 SAW Light Machine Gun
Machine Pistols TEC-DC9
Marksman Rifles Colt Accurized Rifle
Pistols Desert Eagle
Submachine Guns FN P90
SEF Assault Rifles AKs-74u - FN FAL - Colt M16A2 Assault Rifle (Suppressed Colt M16A2 Assault Rifle) - SG552 Commando (Suppressed SG552 Commando) - HK33A2 - SCAR-H (Suppressed SCAR-H) - Suppressed M4A1 Carbine - Suppressed G36C Assault Rifle
Grenade Launchers ARWEN 37
Machine Pistols Glock 18 - MP5KA4 (Suppressed MP5KA4)
Marksman Rifles Scoped HK33A2
Less Lethal Less Lethal M870
Pistols Browning Hi-Power (Suppressed Browning Hi-Power) - P226 (Suppressed P226) - Glock 19 - XDM
Shotguns Remington M870 (Remington M870 Breaching) - Benelli M1 Super 90
Submachine Guns Colt Model 635 (Suppressed Colt Model 635) - MP5SD6 SMG - Suppressed UMP SMG - MP5KA4 SMG (Suppressed MP5KA4 SMG) - Suppressed FN P90
SWAT 4 Tactical Aids
SWAT 4 Breaching C2 Explosives - Breaching Shotgun
Grenades Flashbang - CS Gas - Stinger
Protection (MP Only) Helmet - Gas Mask - Light Armor - Heavy Armor
Others Optiwand - Door Wedge - Pepper Spray - Toolkit - Tactical Flashlight
TSS Protection No Armor (MP Only) - Night Vision Goggle
Others Ammo Pouch - Lightstick - Melee Attack
SEF Breaching Remington M870 Breaching (Frangible Shotgun Ammunition)
Protection Riot Helmet - ProArmor Helmet - S10 Helmet - Heavy Kevlar Armor - Heavy Ceramic Armor
SWAT 4 Missions
SWAT 4 Original Riverside Training Facility - Food Wall Restaurant - Fairfax Residence - Qwik Fuel Convenience Store - A-Bomb Nightclub - Victory Imports Auto Center - Red Library Offices - Northside Vending and Amusements - DuPlessis Wholesale Diamond Center - Children of Taronne Tenement - St. Michael's Medical Center - The Wolcott Projects - Old Granite Hotel - Mt. Threshold Research Center
The Stetchkov Syndicate FunTime Amusements - Sisters of Mercy Hostel - Sellers Street Auditorium - Department of Agriculture - Drug Lab - Fresnal St. Station - Stetchkov Warehouse
Extra Missions (SEF) Meat Barn Restaurant - Brewer County Courthouse
SWAT 4 Characters
SWAT 4 Factions America Now - Army of Faith - Children of Taronne - SWAT
Suspects Alex Jimenez - Alice Jenkins - Allen Kruse - Andrew Taronne - Clark Jennings - Hadeon Koshka - Jean Trouffant - Lawrence Fairfax - Lian Niu - Simon Gowan
Civilians Gary Altman - Gladys Fairfax - Heidi Rosenstein - Hyun-Jun Park - Jeremy Walsh - Kim Dong Yin - Lawrence Adams - Louie Baccus - Melinda Kline - Theodore Sturgeon - Warren Rooney - Willis Fischer
TSS Factions Citizens Against Satanic Music - Stetchkov Syndicate
Suspects Andrew Norman - Anton Georgiev - Javier Arias - Kiril Stetchkov - Todor Stetchkov
Civilians Lionel Macarthur - Officer Wilkins - Oscar Bogard - Rita Winston
SEF Factions Italian Mafia - Sovereign Citizen Movement
Suspects Adam Moretti

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