SWAT: Elite Force is a user-created addon for SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate that adds a large number of new features and custom content to the game.

History Edit

Eezstreet started work on SEF in 2015, but most of this early work bore little in the way of early features as he learned to develop on SWAT 4's Vengeance Engine. Coming from a Quake 3 background, much of the work seemed easy, but documentation about SWAT 4 modding was spare and hard to find. On top of this, native classes made it difficult to implement much of the features that were wanted.

SEF started to expand rapidly in early 2016, with new team members such as Jose21Crisis, and Rangar, other members of the team, Engi and Sandman332 joined the ranks later on, helping with mapping and other inner-workings.

One of the earliest features to be added was cardiac arrest SEF, a feature which made tasers much more dangerous. From there, the AI was examined, and cut content was beginning to become restored.

Motivations Edit

Originally, the mod was designed to be a police training tool, similar to the likes of Canadian Forces: Direct Action. Other mods were influential; Speech Recognition Improvement was borrowed, and the graphic command interface layout was inspired by 11-99 Enhancement's configuration.

Instead of overhauling all of the graphics, the decision was made to keep the original game's aesthetic, and focus on being a simple improvement mod that would be used everywhere.

Main Features Edit

The mod is an overhaul of all aspects of the game, except for the graphics. New pieces of equipment, improved AI, restored cut content, quality of life features, and modern amenities such as widescreen support were added to the game.

  • SWAT 4 and The Stetchkov Syndicate campaigns merged into one "SWAT 4 + TSS" campaign. Like in The Stetchkov Syndicate, missions have equipment that need to be unlocked.
  • Extra Missions campaign, including one new level.
  • All Missions campaign, which allows the player to play any map on their hard drive in singleplayer.
  • Permadeath SEF options, for extra challenge.
  • Vastly improved officer and suspect AI. Suspects can take on different personalities SEF, such as "Insane".
  • Traps. Originally a cut feature, traps may appear in several missions (such as Fairfax Residence and Stetchkov Warehouse) and force the player to go around them.
  • Changes to equipment. All equipment now has Weight and Bulk, which affects your movement and use speed. The player can now choose how many magazines they would like to bring on the mission. (The Ammo BandolierTSS has been removed)
  • Less Lethal equipment has been changed significantly. Tasers can cause cardiac arrest SEF if used on the elderly or those in poor health; the Less Lethal Shotgun can kill if used at point blank range. The Pepperball Gun is not nearly as effective, and flashbangs are now potentially lethal pieces of equipment.
  • More equipment. The player now has access to the Riot Helmet SEF and ProArmor Helmet SEF, two cut helmets. The SAS Mod has also given permission to add their weapons into the mod, some of these include the MP5K Submachine Gun SEF and the Browning Hi-Power pistol SEF.

The Team Edit

  • eezstreet (Lead, Programming) - Eezstreet (eezstreet) is a programmer and modder from Florida, USA. He is the brains behind SEF, and has singlehandedly created many of the features that we know and love from the mod.
  • Engi (Mapping, Modelling) - Engi (theTCREngineer) is a gamer and gorehound straight from the UAE. He's behind mapping and weapon models that you see in SEF.
  • Rangar // Fujii // Brandon Alexander (Music, Sound) - Brandon Alexander is a young up-and-coming composer from eastern Canada. He works on several aspects of sound in the campaign of SEF, and he is the man behind the music heard in-game in all extra missions.
  • Jose21crisis // Jose Alejandro (Programming) is a gamer from Venezuela, has two youtube channels and assists eezstreet with programming the mod.
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