The Less Lethal Nova is a primary, non-lethal weapon that fires beanbags which are capable of temporarily disorienting the target fired at. The weapon bears an ammunition capacity of seven rounds and an additional twenty-two rounds in the original game. It is generally used as a method of employing less-lethal and legal force in a non complying subject in order to bring about compliance from him. In spite of firing the weapon without adhering to the rules of lethal engagement, such use of force will not invite penalties.

However as a result of the changes brought about in the Elite Force mod, the shotgun behaves more realistically. In a sense that it is capable of dearly injuring a target when fired at delicate portions of the body or at point blank range. Since the weapon bears resemblance to that of its lethal counterpart, it is painted green so that it may be easily distinguished from the other.

In-Game Description Edit

The Less Lethal shotgun is a Benelli Nova, pump-action shotgun which is always loaded with less than lethal beanbag rounds. It is most often used on an uncooperative suspect or civilian. The specially designed less lethal shotgun is necessary to eliminate errors that can occur from individually loading lethal or less than lethal munitions into the same weapon. To remind the operators that this particular weapon is only to be loaded with less than lethal ammunition, it has been painted green.

General Usage Edit

Alike its other non-lethal counterparts, this weapon is used primarily as a non-lethal option alongside the Pepperball gun and the Grenade Launcher. The Less Lethal Nova is sometimes preferred over the Pepperball gun due to its comparatively better effectiveness in terms of decrease in morale and target immobilisation. Almost always does a beanbag fired from this firearm compels a target to cooperate with the Officers, be it a hostage or an armed gunman. However the weapon suffers from a poor rate of fire, and if the player sustains an injury in his arm, the weapon's accuracy decreases altogether making it incapable of effectively firing at long range.

While considering the changes made in the Elite Force mod, the weapon is highly dangerous when fired at point blank range or at the delicate portions of the target's body such as the head. This change very well delimits and restricts the unrealistic versatility of the weapon.

Effect Edit

When the less lethal weapon is fired at a target, it causes disorientation in the target and restricts him temporarily from the ability to do anything else except clench his abdomen, cower himself by slouching and walk aimlessly. After recovering from the effects, the target will return to normal, however sustaining minor injuries (for example when the player is fired by his fellow officers armed with the weapon). The beanbag rounds on striking bring about a steep decrease in morale and hence very easily compels the affected target to comply and cooperate.

There is no form of immunity in the game that renders the beanbag rounds ineffective when compared to the case of the Pepperball gun. Against the AI officers the beanbag is ineffective, while on the other hand, the player may suffer from the effects of the less lethal weaponry in both singleplayer and multiplayer.

Changes in Elite Force Edit

The weapon was changed to suit its realistic nature such that it was capable of posing life threatening situations when fired carelessly. It would either incapacitate or even kill targets when fired at very close quarters or at the head inviting penalties. The damage done by beanbag shotguns isn't capable of shredding Heavy Armor.

Additionally, the effects of beanbags can be mitigated or even totally eliminated with body armor, where they couldn't in the original game.

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