Heavy Armor is the heaviest and bulkiest type of armor in the game, and it offers the best protection. It is comprised of ceramic plates that block the penetration and force of projectiles, over top of a kevlar vest.

Body Armor only protects the torso regions, so the legs, head, and arms are still vulnerable.

Behavior (TSS) Edit

In TSS, Heavy Armor offers slightly more protection from bullets and projectiles than Light Armor does. Heavy Armor also reduces the duration of Stingers and beanbags by half. The trade-off is that Heavy Armor greatly slows your movement speed, to the point of being almost impossibly slow.

Heavy Armor sees very little use in CO-OP and PvP modes, especially ones where navigating the map quickly (such as VIP Escort, Smash and Grab, and Rapid Deployment) are essential.

Behavior (SEF) Edit

In SEF, Heavy Armor has the highest weight and bulk value of any equipment in the game. However, this is more than made up for by the fact that it has incredibly strong damage protection. This damage protection is only temporary, and repeated impacts will degrade the ceramic plates in the armor.

Health Value Momentum to Penetrate (MtP) No. of Hits (Approximate)
100% 1660 0
50% 995 2
0% 330 8

Heavy Armor at 0% health (330 MtP) is comparable to Light Armor (300 MtP). At 100% health, Heavy Armor is about 5x as strong as Light Armor.

Each hit drains health from the armor on a logarithmic scale. The first hit drains 400 MtP, and each subsequent hit is cut in half, until a minimum of 100 MtP per shot is obtained. Certain types of projectiles don't shred the armor. Buckshot, beanbags, grenade launcher rounds, and all area-of-effect damage (such as Stingers, Flashbangs, and exploding gas cans) do not drain health.

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