Fresnal St. Station is the sixth mission in SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate and the seventeenth mission in SWAT: Elite Force. The officers are requested for a rapid deployment to Fresnal St. Station where two groups of men opened fire at each other on platforms during peak hours injuring many civilians in the process.

Introduction Edit

Subway briefing

The shit has really hit the fan. Two gangs, one of them definitely the Stechkovs, are going toe-to-toe in the Fresnal Street Subway Station. We have reports of multiple suspects, heavily armed and a large number of civilian casualties. A transit cop named Wilkins called in the incident. He counted at least ten individuals, some armed with assault rifles and wearing body armor. Dispatch lost contact with him shortly after he made a call – he may have been injured. Witnesses say two groups of men opened fire on one another on the platforms doing peak hour. Most of the commuters fled but some were caught in the crossfire. It’s likely others are hiding. After the initial skirmish the suspects split up and moved into the areas surrounding the platforms – maintenance tunnels, restrooms, it’s like a maze down there. Spotters are still reporting hearing a gunfire, so the fight is still going on. This has already gone too far. We can’t let this go any longer, and risk more civilian casualties, or sat by while innocent people bleed to their deaths. Our task is to shut this thing down; neutralize the suspects, rescue the civvies and help injured officer. Get your gear together and be ready to go in three minutes.

Entry and snipers Edit

There are two possible entrances into the station, either from Fresnal Street or Maxwell Street. Both of them are in the opposite direction on the same level and both of them have advantages and disadvantages.

Due to the fact that the mission is taking place in the subway, there is no sniper support in this mission.

Background Edit

Fresnal Street Station is a modern subway station with three floors beneath the ground and it has been build on top of the old station from the 1930s. Now the station is going through some refurbrishement which means there is a lot of clutter and some parts of the station are closed for renovations. Like any other subway station, this place is huge. The upper level of the station is rather simple as it consists mainly on two main entrances to the station: the first one from Fresnal Street and second one from Maxwell Street, ticket offices and stairs leading to the platforms, either Platfrom 1 or Platform 2. On the other hand the lower levels of the station are pretty like a labyrinth as there are many spaces intended for both passengers and station staff. This level contains two platforms of the Fresnal Street Station with turnstiles at the beginning, restrooms, shops and fast food restaurant - so the commuters could by something to eat before their enter to the train or buy something for the trip like magazine. There is also maintenance area intendeed only for employees and it contains locker rooms, various machines and passage between two Platforms. All around the station the passangers can find various maps of the subway lines as well as advertisements or vending machines. Platform 1 is much bigger than Platform 2 and apparently, due to the renovations, the Platform 2 is completely closed for passangers and there are a lot of rubbish and other unnecessary objects. Also most of the lights on this Platform are turned off.

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