The Army of Faith is the primary antagonistic terrorist group found in the mission which takes place in Mt. Threshold Research Center and is led by Jean Trouffant.

Background Edit

Having existed for two long years, the militant group has been known in the past for bombing research facilities that were actively involved in stem cell technology. Albeit their absurd goals and aspirations, the group is also astonishingly well-armed, well-trained and dedicated to their cause. Various other institutions in the past had also fallen victim to the Army of Faith after receiving threats from the militant group.

Affiliates Edit

Known affiliates Edit

As far as the game is concerned, Jean Trouffant was the only well known candidate of the group considering that the Law Enforcement was largely aware of his identity and past activities. In the game, unlike his accomplices, Jean never wore a hockey mask or balaclava to conceal his identity. The reason for this was to most likely establish a reputation for himself and subsequently for the group that he was a part of, thus creating an identity for himself in the general public.

Unknown affiliates Edit

Numerous other unidentified individuals wearing hockey masks were known to be affiliated with the group. However, with each one of their identities concealed, it is difficult to make a rough estimate as to how many members were involved.

Final Raid and Disbandment Edit

The Army of Faith, by fate (no pun intended), made their final bombing raid at a research facility called Mt. Threshold Research Center which eventually resulted in a failure. On raiding the facility, nearby law enforcement had quickly responded to the initial alarms and had the terrorists surrounded, thereby entrapping them inside. After the SWAT team was dispatched to handle the situation, the facility was finally secured and the Army of Faith had come to a supposed end with Jean Trouffant arrested (or killed) in the action. Following these events, the group was possibly abandoned making any future raids conducted by them highly unlikely.

Trivia Edit

The Army of Faith is most likely based on the Army of God, a United States based terrorist group.

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